Impacting Dyslexia Education Awareness and Support

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11 hours ago

IDEAS - Impacting Dyslexia Education Awareness and Support

Early intervention

This is why I strongly support screening for dyslexia in kindergarten and first grade.

Here's a good article on how schools can and should screen their kindergarten, first, and second graders for dyslexia:

And here's an much more in-depth article that is almost a complete course by itself.

Thanks, Kelly Fedge-Dubose, for this graphic.


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I believe this entirely!! My twins were born 13 weeks early! At 27 weeks I was aware of cognitive and learning issues of starting school! In primary 1 (age 5 we live in Scotland) I raised the issue of potential issues and was brushed off!! Age 8 I still had reservations - but because josh had amazing language and communication skills, from continued work and effort on my part, and part of hi being so included in his deaf sisters learning and rehab programme the school thought nothing of it and now, as the work load increase and high school looms at age 10 nearly 11 - they decided to test for dyslexia & discalcula!! Issues I have raised with them and been told nothing wrong until now (and only bwith my continued fighting!) they recognised there are issues!!! Yes thanks for fighting what I already knew!! 😞😞😞

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